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10/20/2009 12:02:00 PM


Affiliate Application


We don't ask much. We simply ask...

1. Inform us if someone requests from you, then requests from us or any of our other affiliates and we will take care of the matter promptly.

2. Inform us immediately of blog closings, name changes, moves to different web hosting sites, hiatuses (of entire site) etc. The webmistress finds it very annoying when she visits a site only to find that it's gone without so much as a goodbye.

3. Inform us of any updates.

4. There is a password. If you don't give the right one, we will ignore your request.
password: Novice NIT

Apply Here

Our Button:


* = sites the webmistress can be found

New policy effective 5/3/2011: From now on, any affiliate that doesn't update their site after more than a month (whether it's a new layout, etc.) of the last update will be added to the former affiliates. If the site still exists on the web, we will keep the link, but the webmistress/master will be required to contact the webmistress via email to be put back on the list. Sites that go on hiatus for more than a month will be added to the former affiliates as well.

Sister site(s): ♥ Mysterious Souls *
The Blacklights*

Additional Affiliates:

I Either Can't Contact You, You've Closed, Or You Haven't Updated In Over A Month...


♥ BoJoong Dynamics
♥ blue // door
Bookworm Assassin 
Chubby Panda World
Earth Rotates
Eternal Bliss
♥ ♥~Fairytale Fantasies~♥*
Formal Imperfections*
♥ Geun~Shin :: Love
♥ Gorgeous Hue
♥ Jtoasn world
Icy Winter
Love At First Site
♥ Luce Amor
mizanimation's juku doll
♥ Neverending Melodies
♥ obsequiously-x
rediculously epic
Silent Dreams
♥ Simply Imperfect
Skittlez Graphics
♥ Snowflower
♥ Strawn3rrie Partfait
♥ Sweet Nothings 
♥ Sweetened Lollipops
Tell Me Your Wish
♥ xaerodynamix



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