Requests & Rules

10/01/2009 12:44:00 PM


General Rules (this goes for requests of all types)

N. When to expect your request to be finished:

Allow us a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 2 weeks. Exceptions are 4 weeks if a designer has excessive responsibilities elsewhere.

Allow us a minimum of 1-4 weeks and a maximum of 4-8 weeks depending on how long your story/album is.

Allow us 1-4 weeks.

o. We have lives beyond the computer screen, so please don't spam our cbox/email about when your request will be done. If we go beyond the aforementioned maximum time, feel free to email us.

v. Cancellations must be made through the form provided and/or through email to the webmistress. I will not accept cancellations through cbox, Asian Fanfics, Winglin, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4. Give us credit. We are working for free, so the least you can do is say 'Thank you.' It also spares others from being bombarded with our advertisements in their comments.

5. This should go without saying, but treat the staff and site with respect.

6. Your request will be announced finished in 3 ways: Twitter, email (Your email must be valid. If you don't see the email, check your spam folder), and the link you give us. You have a week after your request is finished to answer the email and post that you've received it in the cbox with the link to where it is being used. Failure to do either will result in being blacklisted.

7. There is a password to all forms below. You are expected to read the rules to get it.


i. Don't request graphics from us, then request from another site & vise versa (this includes winglin, soompi, another blog, etc.).

2. If you requested a graphic/layout from another site before requesting from us,  cancel your request with the previous site (and make sure that the designer and site owner are aware of your cancellation) before requesting from us.

c. We will not do your request if you already have a poster from another site. If the poster is one that you made yourself, then we will do your request. However, the poster must be removed immediately upon requesting, especially if you have more than one username.

4. If you don't like something about a request, email the designer for them to make the necessary changes. If the designer can't/won't change your request, email the webmistress.

5. You MUST use the poster AND background. Don't request for a background if you're not going to use it.

e. Save what we give you to your own computer and host it on your own tinypic/photobucket/imageshack account. Do Not Hotlink! Meaning: Do not use the link we give you to host your poster on winglin/asianfanfics/etc.  We will not be held responsible if something goes missing because you maxed out our bandwidth.

7. Large, High Quality pictures (at least 1000 x 1000 pixels) are a REQUIREMENT.

8. We are not obligated to use the pictures you request if they are contradictory to the plot, or are too small/Low Quality.


N. Layouts must be utilized for a month before you can request for another one.

2. Do not change anything in the base code. You may edit the html for links, widgets, etc. but the css must not be changed.

3. Do not change the credits in the boxqoute/sidebar/footer.

4. Do not redistribute the base codes without consent.

5. I will trust that you guys are intelligent and won't try to take a site made for Blogger and put its code in Tumblr/Wordpress expecting it to work. If you're not intelligent and you find that your site becomes useless in the transition because the coding for Blogger/Tumblr/Wordpress are different, well, don't expect sympathy.


I. All reviews must be posted as a chapter to your story.

2. Requests for reviews may be made to other sites for the same story.

3. We will judge all stories under the same criteria. Please be mindful that an incomplete story may not get the same score as a full length story -even if they are the same length in chapter count.

4. If you requested from us for an incomplete story, you are allowed to request again for a more thorough review if that same story has been completed.

T. We do not have multi-lingual speakers (at least I don't think we do), so please don't request for stories written in Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Japanese (This includes Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji), Korean (Hangul), or Tagalog. Google translate is not a reliable source.

Graphic Request (poster and backgrounds only)

Graphic Request (banners for blog, signature, icons, b-sets, avatar)
***Note: Banners are only for blogs that already have layouts and don't want the layout changed. We'll only change what goes in the header.

Review Request

Music Review Request

Layout Request

Cancel Request



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