Staff Application

12/30/2009 02:47:00 PM


Please Read
I dare assume that if you're applying for staff, then you must know our rules correct? No?

As a staff member of Novice In Tomboyism, you must comply to what's written below:

All General Staff:

Reply as soon as you get an email from your webmistress letting me know you received the request form.

Do not hesitate to tell your webmistress if you need to go on hiatus. This way, I know not to give you a request that will only go undone.

I understand that we all have busy lives, but that's no excuse to disappear for 12 weeks when you've been given a request. Try to get your request done as soon as you are able. No one should have to pick up another person's slack.

If you need help with anything such as finding the appropriate brushes (photoshop/gimp/etc.), finding HQ pictures, or how to do a certain type of theme don't hesitate to ask me.

Treat your webmistress with respect. Treat your requester with respect. Do not use profanity, threats, or any verbal assaults towards anyone on this site -even if there's someone who wants to be a jerk- or you will be warned. Three warnings, and you're fired.

Report any breaking of rules by a requester so that they may be warned or blacklisted.

Graphic artists (icons, banners for layouts, posters, backgrounds)

If you're not comfortable with the subject matter/mood of the request, try your best. The goal is to learn versatility. If it takes 2 weeks and you're still not able to complete the request, let me know and I will give the request to the next available staff member.

Put your name, the site's name, & URL on your request (and make sure it's big enough to be seen without a magnifying glass. everyone doesn't have 20/20 vision).'

You have a maximum of 2 weeks allowed to complete a request. 6 weeks is the longest I'll allow provided there are no issues with your computer hardware or software. If you take longer than this and don't have a good excuse, you will be fired and blacklisted.

Reviews (music/stories)

Do not:
a) say 'I love it!' just because it has your favorite celebrities.
b) say 'You suck as a writer!' or anything rude for any reason (this includes profane language).
c) let your bias (for the celebrities or the author) cloud your judgment. No matter how much you like the celebrities/author, if there are flaws you must point them out.

a) give sound reasoning for your score (explain why they received the score and how to improve).
b) provide spelling/grammar correction when needed.
c) read & reread if necessary in case there are flaws that slipped your radar.

Reviewers have a maximum of 4-8 weeks to read a story and write a review. I will provide the rubric you must follow when I email you.


Note* a password is required as proof that you even bothered to read this far. I won't tell you what it is, or where it's located on this page. All I will tell you is that the mouse can be reliable for more than scrolling if you use it. Novice N.I.T


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