B.Dolls Debut video

9/06/2010 11:24:00 AM


If you've never heard of them, well I wouldn't be surprised because they're new.

convo about them with YoungJi dongsaeng:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3uK3Ejsqps&feature=player_embedded#! 9:52 AM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVT1W9hV5GY&feature=player_embedded CL sounds the same Dara gets to rap and they have auto tune woot! 9:53 AM


B.Dolls: vocally they're good. song style: something JYP could give the WGs. dance style: they don't know who they want to rip off. f(x), WGs, SNSD, BEG, Miss A, or GPB. concept wise: take WGs, f(x), BEG/T-ara and put them in a blender. my verdict: find something that makes you a bit more unique. they're talented, but need to find their niche. 10:03 AM
it's obvious that they aren't exactly fresh faced teens *looking at the one in the silver* they should do something more adult themed. Not trying to do what the younger generations are doing. 10:09 AM
Clap Your Hands: well... at least even with the autotune, I can differentiate between Dara and CL. unlike TTCM 10:11 AM
and it's nice that Dara's not being put on the bad burner for once. 10:15 AM
*back 10:15 AM
your verdict on B.Dolls? 10:15 AM

I didnt watch much of it 10:16 AM
I didnt feel like it and I didnt feel them . I only room in my heart for one from girl group and its the one from Big Hit thats debuting Next year 10:21 AM


i thought they were okay initially (not that i would become a fan. i mean, i'd acknowledge their existence) but they sound and look like they want to be all the girl groups that are popular now. and it does. not. work. they are too old to try to pull off looking tomboyish, cutesy, or hip hop. if they had started younger and decided along the way that this was their best concept and it was something they were comfortable in and it felt natural, okay. but they look like they're in their 20s and/or 30s. granted BEG's Jea, Miryo, and Narsha aren't Gain's age (18/19/20) and are in their 20s but they did take time to find out what works for them and see what style worked instead of trying to be carbon copies. 10:35 AM

Yeah I know they were there but I wouldn't be like OMG BDOLLLS 10:36 AM
it would just be oh they made a new song 10:36 AM
girl groups I support are WG 21 Miss A Sistar (Hyoyeon shes the only one from snsd I like) After School. F(X) BEG are not trying to do that 10:38 AM
but B.Dolls may find there concept when they will make come back that
seems like the theme now and days all but Miss A, GP Basic and
Dalmatian 10:39 AM


Yea. it does seem that way unfortunately. that's why i couldn't really get into Sistar at first (i'm still warming up to them) because they seemed to want to be 2ne1 or 4Minute clones. at least with their new song it's cute, but not omg-i-have-to-brush-my-teeth-now-just-watching-or-listening-5-seconds-can-give-me-cavities cute. GP Basic: teens/tweens who mirrors their generation (if we're gonna be realistic). ie. the result of desensitizing sex in the media so that what we should find reprehensible for young girls is becoming the norm. Miss A: the anti-WG. screw being cute while sexy. they said: we'll just be sexy and not try to cover it up. Dalmatian: ummm... they stole Cruella De Vil's wardrobe(?) 10:50 AM


All but Suzy Suzy just cute 10:53 AM
Dalmatianis great just great vocals great dancing they look so care free on stage most impressive boy rookie so far Miss A most impressive girl rookie so far 10:54 AM


Dalmatians make me think: what would BB be like if everyone was more angelic like Daesung and cute like GD before he got all grown and sexy with Breathe and started talking bout some *insert GD voice* 'now here she come. she wants some of my lollipop. she touching on my body makes me wanna rock. now here i come i give it to her straight up and down. now here i come. here i come. come come come come...'? they would be cuter than Taeminnie = Dalmatians. 10:59 AM
and Miss A is promising compared to everybody else. 11:00 AM


Yes and I going to Miss A when they promote in China 11:01 AM


i'll be listening to their Chinese stuff. 11:06 AM


Cuz they cool 11:06 AM

(end convo about the vid, etc.)

well, you all read our verdicts (well, mine more or less). what's yours ya'll? tell us in the cbox.



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