Mini Album & Live Review: 9 Muses' Let's Have A Party

9/17/2010 08:49:00 PM


9 Muses
Let's Have A Party
Language: Korean

No Playboy
No Playboy (Instr.)

Generally I don't like large groups (anything over 5) for a few reasons.

1. Flaws can be hidden. Such as when one girl sings off, it may not be too noticeable unless she causes everyone else to go off.

2. Flaws can be more obvious. I'll use a certain 9 member group in Japan with 4  Minute  that I don't like as an example. This group is often given routines that require heavy synchronization. When they dance just one step wrong, everyone can see it (the girls make it even worse because they stop and stare or giggle). Now, of course everyone and their mother can say that flaws could be even more obvious in small groups, but it is because flaws are more obvious when there is a small group, these small groups make sure they don't miss a beat. Larger groups tend to be more slack at this.

3. Great voices can be hidden amongst mediocre voices. Or, if the great voice is the lead, she makes her group as a whole pale in comparison to her.

4. There's no individuality. Sure, everyone has their 'role'. The 'tomboy', the 'sexy one', the 'voice', the 'cute one', the '4D one', etc. That happens in many groups. But it's hard to make yourself standout when you're competing for spotlight with 8 others.

That said, I'm not too enthusiastic about another large girl group. Especially when InSones are going to jump their throats with accusations of trying to be another SNShitD *please come at me Sones. I have a grenade launcher ready to blow you all to Kingdom Come.*

This new girl group is called 9 Muses. A reference to the Greek mythology, I'm sure. They debuted around the same time GP Basic did in August. Their debut single is something SNSD is more likely to do. It is titled 'No Playboy'.

From the start on both the live version and the recorded version, these girls are weak. It's like the producers specifically picked the weakest voices to do their debut. I don't know how long these girls trained, but they need to be sent back. There is zero breath support. Even those of you out there that don't know swat about music can't deny the fact that they sound out of breath from the second they opened their mouths because they sound as if they're singing with the headphones in their ears.

Their dancing in the live version is like that of the mv: stiff, trying too hard to be 'sexy', *Note: Dressing in lingerie isn't sexy. Or is there something I'm missing since biologically I have more estrogen than testosterone?* and they really do look like they could be store mannequins. *I'm gonna have nightmares of Barbie dolls acting like Chucky and trying to kill me. Thank you.* Oh yeah, and do take notes from:

The 'rapper' didn't really impress me. That's sad. I usually look forward to the raps, but she's as bland as her fellow muses.

The first track is better than the single itself, but it still had something that annoyed me...

Oh. That's right! The first 10 seconds!

Why does everyone and their mother feel the need to use that effect!?

The Verdict:


♪ ♪ / ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Two 8th notes for one song. Ladies is better than No Playboy and the stronger voices do make their appearance at times, but will they last on the charts? Ehhh... Most of the music coming out sucks anyway (except SHINee, Miss A, Sistar's NEW song, and Boa).


♪ ♪ ♪ / ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

They need to stop strutting like they're on Victoria's Secret runway. Even if they're stiff as Barbies they at least try to be synchronized.


♪ ♪/ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

I would have gave them a 3, but the mannequin poses were creeping me out and they lose respect points for dressing in clothing that only their boyfriends should see.


♪ ♪ 1/2 / ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

They won't last too long against Miss A, Sistar, and the like unless the ajjussis and oppas vote for them a billion times.



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