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Since this month is Big Bang's 5th Anniversary and G-Dragon's birthday, I thought I'd make some challenges featuring only Big Bang.

Submit your own work. Do not plagiarize the work of someone else and pass it off as your own or you will be disqualified.

Late entries will be ignored, so please send them in by the deadline.

Please play nice and don't be disrespectful towards anyone's entry or you will be disqualified.


Have fun ^_^

All Entries Due:  10/1/2011



Graphic of the Round:
 Submit your best graphic. It can be a blend, collage, whatever.
Artist: Big Bang 
Theme: None
Graphic entries allowed: Banners, posters, signatures, icon pack (note, icon packs must be 100x100. The minimum amount is 10 and the maximum is 25)
Quota: 1 for banners, 2 for posters, 3 for signatures, 1 for icon packs

Poster Challenge:
Submit graphics relating to the themes given.
Size: 600x600
Featured Artist: Big Bang
Themes: We Belong Together; I Hate This Love Song
We Belong Together: Create a poster featuring any Big Bang member and any female of your choice. The poster  must feature the lyrics of Big Bang's We Belong Together (Korean, or English). Since this is a sweet love song, the poster should be sweet, happy, adorable, all that mushy stuff that makes us fangirl over the boys.
I Hate This Love Song: Create a poster featuring any member(s) of Big Bang. This poster must go along the lines of Love Song: melancholic, depressed, about lost love. The poster must feature the lyrics of Big Bang's Love Song.
 Quota: Each participant is allowed 2 posters. They must be submitted at the same time.

Blend Challenge:
Make a blend graphic with use of textures and multiple pictures 
Size: 600x600
Theme: None
Featured Artist: G Dragon OR Seungri

G Dragon: 12 note: even if you use all three of these, it will still count as 1 image; 3; 4; 5
Seungri: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5

 Note: Did you notice that not all the pictures are 100% High Quality? Extra points will go to those who use them & make them High Quality.
Quota: Each participant is allowed 2 blends. They must be submitted at the same time.

Signature Challenge
Size: 500x200
Theme: Favorite Big Bang (or solo/unit) Song 
Featured Artist: Big Bang (together or solo)
Make a signature revolving around your favorite song by Big Bang as a group or by any unit/solo. The signature must feature a line of the lyrics (English or Korean Hangul/Japanese characters), any or all the members, and the song title.
Quota: Each participant is allowed 3 signatures. They must be submitted at the same time.


Writing Challenge  

Song Challenge:
Length: 1-5 chapters. One shots are permitted.
Submit an entry featuring the following songs. The entries must pertain to the mood of the song or follow the lyrics of what the song is about.  
The title must have: N.I.T Challenge "Insert Song Name Between Parenthesis"
Quota: 1 entry per participant

Songs (and English Lyrics):
Beautiful Hangover
Day by Day
Last Farewell
My Heaven

Album Challenge:
Length: full albums: 10-20 chapters; mini albums: 5-10 chapters
Theme: There's no definitive theme. The theme will go according to the album you choose.
A good album will have songs that can be put together in a cohesive whole to tell a story, or will at least have a theme holding it together. A good album just makes sense when all the songs are put together in one package. The object of this challenge is to take an album of Big Bang (Regardless of whether it's a mini, full, solo or unit) and with the songs, tell a story that connects each song together. You may use a Big Bang member as the main character, or you may use a fictional character (I highly discourage "you" fics because they are never done right *cough* ______ and a last name instead of an actual name. Real authors who can write do not write like this >.<*cough* , unless you are a damn good writer or a college student taking creative writing as a course). You are encouraged to use the entire album of your choosing. Each song must have 1-2 chapters dedicated to it and you must try to make each song tie into each other. The chapters must be named after the album songs. You do not have to follow the lyrics, but it is recommended for assistance. You do not need to make the songs go in track order.
The title must have: N.I.T Challenge "Insert Album Name Between Parenthesis"
Quota: 1 entry per participant

Heartbreaker/Shine a Light (G Dragon solo)
GD&TOP vol. 1
Hot (Taeyang mini solo)
Solar (Taeyang solo)
VVIP (Seungri mini solo)
Since 2007
Hot Issue mini
Always mini
Vol. 2 Remember
Stand Up mini
4th Mini Album (including the non GD&TOP songs from the Special Edition)
The Ultimate International Best



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