2ne1: It Hurts Live Review

11/01/2010 02:13:00 AM


As those of you fellow Blackjacks out there know, 2ne1 began promoting their new single "It Hurts" last night/this morning (it's Nov. 1, 2:12 am where I live as I type this).

This is so far, my favorite of the six new tracks they've made (Go Away is slowly growing on me. Still don't like the others). They sang it live as well as the actual recording. For once, I have no salt to throw-
wait I do.

Dara should have gotten more parts than the background. How many lines did she have all together? Four? Five? There are four members of 2ne1. Not three, not two, not one (CL I'm looking at you). Four! Give them equal contribution. People bitch and moan about how much Dara can't sing, but how much do we actually hear her without all the bells and whistles (which is when we hear her the most a la Kiss and Clap Your Hands)?

And this is just nitpickery, but... Minzy, never wear that hat again. Not for Holloween, not for It Hurts' mv, not ever.

Other than that, they're slowly restoring my hope for them. However, if the next song they promote is I'm Busy...



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