"I dun leik..." "Can you...?" "Then, I'm not gunna..." PLEASE READ EVERYONE

11/14/2010 10:54:00 AM


It has come to the Webmistress' attention that a requester or two (who will remain nameless, but you can find her if you scroll down the blacklist to the last one) has a problem with the way we do things... Since (some of) you guys can't be bothered to read the rules that we provide in the 'rules' or 'request' pages, or to look between the lines, the Webmistress will be blunt and this goes for everybody...

First things first...

No one on this site is paid for what they do. The Webmistress is not paid for what she does as the head honcho of this site. Neither she, nor her staff have to do diddly swat for anyone, nor does anyone here have any contractual obligations written in blood. She opened this site because she didn't want to just work under everyone else' thumb, but have the choice to say 'no'. She opened this site to have an outlet for her thoughts and creativity. She opened this site to feel like she could make a contribution to those who may not be technologically/visually inclined and who may not have the patience to learn how to use photoshop (or afford to get it legally) or may be too intimidated to step out of the realm of mediocrity that is microsoft paint.

She expects these simple rules to be followed:
Give us time.
Give us credit.
Use what we give you.

We on this site ask:

Allow us to correct mistakes.

Fill out the request sheets in full. This includes the forewords. Some artists will not take time to read what you have wrote in your 5 chapter story (full of grammar errors, incorrect honorifics, mary sue/gary stu characters, devoid of paragraph breaks [Enter: it's your friend], breaking all the rules of writing so bad that it would make that hack Stephanie Meyer *throws up in my mouth* proud).

Don't expect us to work miracles. We work with what google/asainfanatic/photobucket/soompi provides. We do not go to Asia -camera in hand- and meet the artist/actor of your choosing to have photo shoots in any specific clothing or with any specific facial expression. If you want a Chinese or Thai artist, or an artist that is still new, please have consideration for the fact that Chinese/Thai/new artists are like needles in hay stacks. Pictures of these particular types of artists are difficult to find, let alone pictures in which they have a specific look. You would know this if you actually took time to really look for pictures that matched what you were going for.

Expect that the poster may not have the pictures you provided. In the case of the Webmistress, she does not save pictures to her hard drive. She relies on links provided. If a requester wants a sad poster, but gives links to artists cheesing it up, do not expect to see those pictures on the poster because it's contradictory. The staff members are willing to use what's provided, but they are permitted to use whatever they want to their discretion if they feel it benefits the poster. The Webmistress herself tells her staff that they are not obligated to use what the requester gives if what they give doesn't work well with the concept/are dead links/are too tedious to work around with editing.

When you -the requester- fill out your form, do not give small pictures, or anything that is of a low quality.

ex. of LQ
click to see

As you can see, it is grainy, blurry, and the artists are not easily recognizable. Not only this, but it is small, and any required resizing will come out even worse.

ex. of large LQ
click to see
The next example may be large, but it is still low quality, and will still look grainy and blurred.
We ask that all pictures be large and high quality. The higher the quality, the better the picture will look. The larger the picture, the easier it is to size to appropriate proportion.

ex. of large HQ
click to see

As far as picking your requests up goes and changes in what you want:
Inform us of these changes, preferably before we get the chance to finish and post your poster, especially if the changes are drastic, such as a different theme. This eliminates doing everything from scratch. Please know that respect is earned. If you don't like something, kindly ask that it be changed if change is even possible. Do not be demanding and do not nag us asking when it will be completed, because we work on our own time. Don't ask for something impossible like a celebrity dressed in clothing he or she wouldn't wear otherwise (such as... Yoobin wearing the same pants as Sunye) because it won't happen.  

Never accuse us of not putting our effort into your poster. The webmistress experienced this with her last request, and she was livid. She almost didn't redo the request. Remember, we don't have to do the work, but you better thank us when we do.

Follow these simple rules, and we'll all be happy.

From your Web Mistress,



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