JYJ Ayyy Girl MV

11/01/2010 09:41:00 AM


Do I love this? No. Do I hate this? No. I'm ambivalent, but I can't say I'm squealing my head off. 
That said, I hope they don't release this in America. They are going to be called all kinds of gay. This is the type of music that would have fit Se7en's Girls mv: In the club with a hoard of hoochies (I don't support the objectification of women, [esp. women of color] but I'm just being real here). Wait until the Asian version of the mv, it will be better (well as "better" as it can get considering the song is the typical, bland, forgettable Top 40 schlock that you forget the lyrics to next week, Kanye making it even worse. The boys' weak vocals only adds salt to the wound.). Do we need to be reminded of BoA's stillborn excuse of an American debut mv?

 Wasn't that awful?
This was before...



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