11/19/2010 08:17:00 PM


The Webmistress' cooling fan in her laptop is dead.


Starting last night, the computer automatically shut down even though the battery wasn't low (this happened around 8 something, on the way home from class).
First, she thought it was because of the battery. Nope.
The webmistress' mom said to keep the computer off for the rest of the night since the webmistress has it on 24/7 (literally).
24 hours later: Webmistress turns it on. She gets past the start up, but alas, it won't stay on. She gets on mom's computer and googles.

"Dust can cause overheating... Corrupt registry..."

So today, since the webmistress' parents were home, they went to Staples and bought a couple of cans of compressed air. The webmistress got rid of the dust bunnies and checked her registry. The registry was error free.


The webmistress felt that if push came to shove, she'd have to reformat. After a few botched attempts (due to shutting down each time), the webmistress felt the sides of her computer for air and listened for the same soft hum that her mom's computer made that signaled a working fan since the computer was still getting warm despite the few minutes it would work. No air. Looked under the laptop and into the vents. No air or blades spinning.

Without the heating fan, the computer is basically useless, so until the webmistress can get a new fan, she can't do anything. She's not going to put any photoshop software on her mom's computer since it's no longer her playground to tamper with without permission and her mom is taking online classes. Any requests that the webmistress was going to take on will have to either be put on hold (you'll have to wait a bit longer), or reassigned.

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"He's a She?" by: ckaichen
"Perv" by: SivSema
"Second Serenade" by: Childcraft



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