New Layout/3am Musings

12/01/2010 03:48:00 AM


It's December which means...
Christmas! And a new layout!

The first song you're all hearing is by AME better known as Aeternalis Musique Entertainment. Your Webmistress is a part of this group (She sings right before the boys in the first verse [2 lines before the chorus]. If you think she sucks, you can be honest xP)

(Is it me or do I have a bit of a habit of referring to  myself in the third person?)

Only one person entered the contest: xherodbskx, so she wins by default, though that's not as fun. She did a really nice job by the way, so I think I would have chosen her anyway ^_^;;. She'll be featured on our site for the entire month of January and she'll get to choose between JYJ's The... or The Beginning (in mp3 format). On the off chance that she has these in her mp3 player/computer already, she can choose another CD, be they Korean, Japanese, or Chinese (at least we'll definitely try to get the Chinese -_-). She can expect to see the link by Christmas Eve in time for Christmas. I wish I could burn it, put art on the CD, gift wrap it, and ship it, but I'm broke T.T so hopefully she doesn't mind the cheap way?

This layout took me a few hours since I had no clue how I was going to design it, but I decided to keep the black background. I didn't want to use snow brushes outright, so I went with fractals and sparkles since I always download them and never use them. This layout's for Miyavi, Melody, and their beautiful baby girls Lovelie (1) and Jewelie (2-3 months). I had to cheat and use Lovelie thrice since there are no pictures of Jewelie just yet, but she'll look like a smaller version of her sister anyway.

I need some rest before I look like Panda Boy Seungri. *contains spazzing about BB's comeback next year*

Buenos noches peeps... zzz u_u




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