February Layout/Rant

1/05/2011 02:05:00 PM


I stayed up until about 4 am designing this.

 Why did it have to be on the day they announced that Adam Couple will be over?

How in the world do they expect GD&TOP to reach audiences (beyond award shows -if they even attend) if the Big 3 channels keep banning them for some BS? Slang? Really?


As for:

They allow girls younger than me/not much older than me (I'm 19) to go on stage shaking what they're mother gave them in clothes that only exotic dancers should wear and green light videos such as Abracadabra (BEG, I love you, but that video should have been edited more than just making a dance version), but a few suggestive lyrics by men that could have been raunchy, but was very tame [at least by my American standards] and it's blacklisted? What. The. H-E-Double Hockey Sticks? Is that to say I would let my children listen to Don't Go Home? Maybe not, but children are being taught sex ed in Elementary school now (girls are getting training bras at 6 and 7 anyway), so children aren't as dumb and wide eyed as adults want to believe.



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