Seungri's What Can I Do? MV Review

1/20/2011 02:04:00 PM


Oh My Goodyear Bar!

Visuals: This is what GD's Breathe could have -should have- been. It's stylish, yet clean, flashy, yet keeps a mildly conservative vibe. It screams futuristic, but not so out there that it leaves me with a feeling of 'Eh? WTF?!' I love how this video looks. At the moment, I don't care if the visuals have anything remotely to do with the lyrics of the song. Usher's OMG *shudders.* (The lyrics are so stoopid! (Yes, I misspelled 'stupid' on purpose.)) could be playing and I'd still be starry eyed from how this MV looks.

Music: I'll write a full album review later, but I really like this. Panda Maknae is all grown up now... Dare I let the thought pass through my subconscious, but Seungri is fighting for my Numero Uno spot that is occupied by G-Dragon. I love G-Dragon to bits (BTW, get well soon oppa. I know you wanted to perform with Panda, but you shouldn't work yourself into the hospital!), but sometimes... sometimes... fashion wise (apocalyptic music plays while visualizing the flower jacket from Breathe)  and musically, he hits a sour note (I love Heartbreaker's album, but ehhhh... excessive autotune made him sound really chipmunky at times on the studio version *cough* Breathe *cough*). Seungri's vocals are shining as much as the music video does. His vocals are for the most part untouched by the autotune for the main verses (it's there, but very minimal. You almost can't hear it). Crisp, clear, and he holds his own without his hyungs being the driving force. He's not the vocal powerhouse that is Daesung, but he's not as R&B-nasal as Taeyang. The synths make me think of Ke-dollar sign-ha's Tik Toc or GP Basic's Game remix #noplagiarism.

Visual Meaning in Musical Context: I'm afraid I can't judge this too accurately since I have no English Translations. For the moment, I'll interpret it to be in the vein of Heartbreaker/Breathe/Strong Baby: fantasy combating the reality that is real life. He fantasizes about and looks for someone that only exists in an alternative reality; i.e a hologram.

Fashion choices: Love the black and white and the stark contrast it all has between the whites and fluorescent blues and pinks. The jackets feel MJ-ish only without sequins and glitter and excessive frills. I like that he has white fingerless gloves on which only add to the appeal. He's the only one so far that's kept his hair somewhat 'normal' out of all the Big Bang members (BTW TOP, *whispers* I can see your roots. Time to get those bleached.) The only thing I don't like is the jacket with the gigantic flower. Why? o.O I know you admire your hyung, but don't steal from G Dragon's closet anymore. I'm still waiting for 2ne1 to stop borrowing from him and Lady Gaga. Now I have to wait for you? Stop while you're ahead. I could have down without the mesh shirt too, and the chainmail(?).

Dancing: It's not a song that I expect acrobatics from, so he didn't deliver excessive frills. It's simplistic in the same vein of Justin Timberlake or MJ, yet complex beneath the surface. Smooth and slick like Beast's Shock, just how I like it.

Camera: I usually have a love hate relationship with cameras and angles and whatnot. The cameraman did know what he was doing. This could have annoyed me like Touch's Nan/I/Me did, but it didn't, surprisingly. This was filmed with a very good camera. I could actually see one or two of his blemishes in the close ups and noticed that his circles are slowly getting lighter as time goes on (either the camera is that HD, or I'm very observant?).

Overall: 4.9/5
- .5 for the giant flower.
- .5 for the mesh over the polo/button down.

Will be back later with the album review.



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