Update & New Layout...

3/03/2011 05:01:00 PM


Decided to make a new layout (despite this headache I have at the moment) with my favorite tomboyish girl: Amber! She was on the first couple of layouts and I wanted one again. Let me know if there's any compatibility problems in firefox, etc. I'm using a program called Artisteer and it's quirky. I have to upload the layout without the banner, then add it again with the banner for it to work without complications.

If you have any advertisements for challenges, etc. feel free to spam (just once) and we'll advertise. If you want a music review, feel free to request for one or two. I have a couple more reviewers so that you don't have to just read my opinion.

Our staff is getting lackadaisical. I can't be the only one advertising and doing requests guys! If you're gonna resign, tell me now or get the lead out!



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