New Layout and Updates

5/03/2011 01:10:00 AM


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Note for everyone: The links open in separate tabs (At least for me it does. I haven't checked all my browsers). If you don't want to have to close a ton of tabs, simply right click and copy link location then paste and go in the url bar. I'll ask Chazz unnie how/if that can be changed. Sorry for that minor annoyance for the time being. *end note*

This site's been a little... well... dead for last month. It's not because I'm ignoring it (on purpose). Anyway, what do you guys think of the new layout? Yes, it is in classic and no, I did not code it. See that tiny little button on the left sidebar that says psychic? That's where I made this template and they do the coding for you. It's more simplistic in looks, but I like it. One of my favorite artists and color (His favorite color is pink, but I made it a dark pink because I like purple) is an added bonus. The first song on the mixpod (Superhero) is from his 2010 album What's My Name? If you can, buy his CD or if you live in Europe, try to get a ticket to one of his concerts since he's touring as I type this. Part of the profit will go to the Red Cross for his fellow Japanese back home.

1. I now own Mysterious Souls (staff is needed in all areas (graphics, one shots, reviews) so ask your friends to drop by and apply) and co-own Mirror of Perfection.

2. The Site Writing Challenge will unfortunately not be happening (We can still write a review together, but it won't be for the challenge). I've only heard from one of my reviewing staff which would only make it 50%. The challenge requires 80%.

3. Fortunately, I received responses from everyone (at least most of you guys. I have to look back in my email) for the site graphic challenge. The majority of the votes went to Theme C: biases, so we'll all make the graphic featuring our biases. The majority of colors were in the red-peach-yellow spectrum, so the background color will be #ff7555. I chose this for the sake of the color having good contrast with black and white text.

To All Staff:
Look for an email by the 15th at the latest. That's when I should have an idea of what the proportions of the banner will be.

To All Affiliates:
Thank you to everyone that sent an Easter graphic. I'm sorry that I haven't sent one to all you even though I did make one. To make things easier, I'll post it here instead of going from site to site.



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