Yay! 1st Anniversary Month!

7/09/2011 07:30:00 PM


This month marks the site's first year anniversary XD.

The banner is made by our site's loyal graphic staff:
Hyungseungluv who's been with us since the site opened.
Geesoo who's been around just as long.
And Joi/Ace/Youngji  with whom I came up with the idea to make this site.

I'd like to thank all staff for being here as long as you guys have. You've been great staff and a big help.

And for Joi:
happy birthday joi.mp3

 For visitors, affiliates, new requests, old requests, etc.:

Since we want Novice In Tomboyism (or N.I.T) to last a long while, we want to know your thoughts. Use the form below to give feedback, make suggestions, gush over us like fangirls at a SHINee concert, or send your bloodied hate mail (not literally!). This will be available on the main page all month. Next month, we'll provide it as a link in the navigation.

*= required

You may choose to remain anonymous as well.

For those with questions, we will answer through the blog, but we'll need your email to let you know that we've answered you.

You may write only a few sentences, or you may write an essay. No question is stupid and no suggestion is too farfetched for us to consider over.

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