New Layout & Some Shameless Plugging

8/31/2011 05:45:00 PM


As you all can see, we have a new layout. This time we're featuring H!P's C-ute. It's rare that we feature any Japanese groups, but since I'm slowly edging back into a Jpop/rock phase (while I wait for WG's comeback), I decided to feature a group that caught my eye (well, actually just a particular member since I only know Airi because of Aa!).

And now: Shameless Plug Time!

I and fellow member of this site YoungJi own a channel by name of JGLDEnt. in which we and 12 others cover primarily girl groups (and we're looking for guys to be in our boy group, so anyone with lots of testosterone out there: WE WANT YOU!). Our permanent groups are filled, but if you like any of the following: singing, Japanese, Korean, or Mando-pop, you are more than welcome to join our audition for Platinum Hearts. Platinum Hearts is open to guys and girls and will cover songs in English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. Each song will be open audition since this is not a permanent group. Feel free to also visit our channel JGLDEnt. Don't be shy and tell us what you think.


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