I've been a crumby webmistress for 2011

1/07/2012 02:56:00 AM


To all affiliates that wished us happy holidays, etc. mianhae/gomenosai/lo siento/bàoqiàn for not doing the same! T_T. I know I've been MIA lately. Between trying to get my life on track with college, waiting for the opportunity to get my 60 hours and thus, my license for driving (and more job opportunities), trying to find work in general, and keeping myself busy with my youtube channels RWNEntertainment and JGLDEnt so that I wouldn't go stark raving mad being stuck at home for the past 7 months, I know I haven't been doing much as far as advertising, writing on here. New Years Resolution: keep this site alive. More and more competition pops up every year like weeds, but one thing I have over these new site owners is experience. Time to show it off.


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